The Art of Being Bored

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I am not sure about any of you, but when I was growing up, the worst thing any of us could say in our house was, "Ma, I am bored!" We would be lambasted and sternly told that only dull people are bored and most times, chased out of the house to go and make a bird list or catch the grasshoppers eating my mother's vegetables (and paid per grasshopper in a jar.) 

Times have changed since the 60's. We have screens and internet. Most young people are glued to screens and don't have time to be bored. But here's the thing -  scientists and psychologists are now discovering the benefits of being bored! Believe it or not, being bored makes you more goal orientated, more creative, makes you realise something is missing; it could help you be more productive and kinder and is, apparently, essential for our happiness. We don't spend enough time staring out the window day dreaming and verging on being bored.

Enjoy this article and show it to the children when they whine about being bored! 

The Benefit of Books!

And so the holidays loom! And how excited we all are. They are a time to kick back, relax, do some navel gazing and replenish ourselves before the next term begins. Of course, for our A Level and IGCSE students, these holidays are taken up with revision and preparation for the upcoming mock examinations. But for the rest of us, we can take those breaks.

Some parents, who work, become a little antsy and feel obliged to ensure their children are entertained and kept busy, out of traffic so to speak. 

Well. Here is your chance to get your children reading. If they are still too little, cosy up on the couch and read bed time stories and light up those imaginations.  Reading has proven to be the best brain food ever. We wrote about this earlier on in the year and reiterate it once more. 

“Books — like dogs — are among a handful of things on this planet that just want to be loved. And they will love you back, generously and selflessly, requiring very little in return.”  - Debbie Millman

 Here is a great read on the giving nature of books.

We wish you and your families a restful break and to be blessed by the world of books! See a list of all the best books for children and teens:

Conservation Awareness in Year 6

Honeyguide and Tanapa visited Year 6 to raise conservation awareness.


To help us put together the special conservation message as part of 'The Circle of Life, we had several guest speakers come and tell us about all the amazing projects that are happening on our doorstep.


Our first guest speaker was Danny from Honeyguide. Honeyguide developed a Human-Elephant Conflict (HEC) Toolkit that uses a sequential order of methods to prevent crop destruction. The objective of the HEC Toolkit is to cause elephants, over time, to react to some of the less confrontational deterrents, such as spotlights, chili fences, and bullhorns, thus decreasing the frequency of times needed to use more expensive and intrusive techniques and also enabling community volunteers to increasingly prevent human-wildlife conflicts themselves.


Philbert Ngoti, the National Rhino Coordinator from Tanapa,  came to share some interesting facts about this history of Rhinos in Tanzania. The best news of all is that they are again on the rise. Philbert was one of the lucky ones that got to travel with the Rhinos from SA. He shared some great footage with us.


It was so enlightening to learn about all this exciting initiatives and to be reminded that we all play a part in saving our planet!



If anyone saw the Primary production of The Circle of Life, you cannot help but agree that it was a complete triumph for the school.

It was a real work of art and beautifully produced! One could say it was the best play to date, by far. To include every single student in the play, costume each child with such intricate detail, choreograph the dances and songs, never mind getting everyone to learn all their words, takes dedication and hard work. It was an absolute joy to watch for young and old.

It was also evident what fun all the children were having out on stage. There was some excellent and convincing acting too. This kind of production really instills confidence in young people and gives them something to be really proud of. 

It was remarkable to see how each and every animal was represented in such stunningly creative ways:

The stampeding Wildebeest...

The Elephant:

The Wild Dog:

Having all these threatened species marching onto stage and imparting really important information to our young audience, was very effective too.

The costumes were outstanding.

Well done BISA Primary. This was nothing but a triumph. We look forward to the next production. This one will be hard to beat!