BISA Shines At The Nairobi Sports Festival!

14 students set off to Nairobi on the 26th of September to compete in the Braeburn Sports Festival which started the following day. These events happen every year where children from different Braeburn Schools mix into different teams, Amboseli (Orange), Tsavo (Green), Serengeti (Blue) and Maasai Mara (Red) and participate in different sporting activities which are done over two days.

Day one was Athletics in the morning and Netball in the afternoon, followed by a nice barbeque and a disco for the students to mix and mingle. The following day was short but with intense activities.  Aussie Rules was a much loved game by all the teams and you could see the fun they were having on the field. CrossFit followed after which children were put through tough drills, but all made it through working in their teams.   The last activity of the day was running a mile in groups of four holding a discuss ring.

In the end, the teams gave it their all, and we are thrilled to report that some of our BISA  students came back with gold and silver medals.



Students and teachers departed at 09:00 on the 6th October 2019. We were bound for Kolo Information Centre, which is situated in central Tanzania and located approximately 250 km from Arusha. We were off to go and see and the Kondoa Rock Art. 

We stayed at Amarula Campsite in Mnenia Village near Kolo.

This trip forms part of the Dragon Award for the Year 7’s. This involved them putting up their own tents, cooking and cleaning up after themselves.

The Year 7’s were in wonderful spirits and tackled their jobs with enthusiasm and varying ranges of competence!

Monday was spent visiting the rock art, which is many thousands of years old and has been classified as a World Heritage Site. The scenes depict hunter- gatherer paintings. The paintings portray stylized people, an anthropomorphic figure (half human half animal) and also animals such as gazelle, elephants and giraffe. They were painted with porcupine quills using a mixture of ochre rock and fig tree sap. They were painted by the San people who were similar to the Hadzabe. Mary Leakey was one of the first researchers to study these paintings in 1935.

In the afternoon, the students took a walk to the river with their clipboards, taking paper and coal to sketch their own art in a similar form.

Following this, they took white chalk and practised some rock art!

Tuesday morning involved packing up and cleaning camp before travelling back to Arusha. It was a very worthwhile trip and the students appeared to relish in the experiences. As did the teachers!


Year 13 students have been testing their survival skills these past few weeks. In order to prepare for independent living at university, the students take it in turns to spend a week in a house at school.

To survive, they have to do all their own shopping and therefore have to manage their money. They learn to cook simple healthy meals and even invite the odd teacher for a sit down dinner.

We think our BISA students are well prepared to take on the world by the time they leave. Well. Put it this way, they aren't going to go hungry!


At BISA, we know how to have fun and be creative. Last week the Secondary Students' Council organised an afternoon of fun and games for our Colour Fest.

There was a riot of colour and no one left unscathed, not even the teachers!

Expressionism and Perspective: BISA Art!

 The BTEC Art students this term have been exploring fine Artists within history. This has given them a good understanding about the aethetics and concepts within Art and Design but most importantly they have explored the context in which they are produced. When exploring the expressionist art movement the students learnt to express their own inner turmoil, using Art as therapy. 

 By Charis.

 by Mona.

by Robin.

by Gabriella.

The Year 8 students have been learning to draw using perspective. This technical skill is quite a challenge. See these illustrations of a city using 2 Point Perspective to see how each student interpreted it in their own way. 

by Shreya 

by Nicolas

by Narindwa