Basketball Diaries - The news from this summer's trip to the Dallas Mavericks Basketball Camp!

During the long July break a group of our students travelled across the Atlantic to the USA to participate in the Dallas Mavericks Basketball Camp.

Here is a recount from one of the students - Jason Mndolwa (Year 11):

"The day before the trip we were more than excited! Every time I closed my eyes, I imagined myself on the court playing ball. I realized it was a dream when I started dunking! But dreams do come true though, right? We were to leave the next day and on our way to Nairobi where we met up with another group of people from Braeburn Garden Estate. We joined up with the other school and travelled together. Our flight was in the evening and we arrived around 12. Basically, we had to wait for about 5 hours till our flight leaves, but we were too excited to even care! The time came to board the plane and without even realizing it we took off. It was a long trip - it took about 22 hours to reach America. We were all exhausted but luckily the camp didn’t start till Monday and we arrived on a Saturday so basically we had time to rest. Everyone was preparing their kits and washing their shoes ready to show off and ball out on Monday. But, as Mr. Masudi always tells us: “It’s not all about the accessories that you wear - it’s all about the game”.

On the first day of the camp we all looked nervous. But after everyone got a hold of the ball, we all felt like we belonged there. The normal routine was: warm up, then we go up to the video room to learn the game after that we go back to the court to play ball till 4pm. This was the rotations for almost the whole week except for Friday where we had a tournament with the teams we were assigned to the first day of camp. Sadly, we lost in the semifinals, but as a team we kept our head up and stayed positive for the whole day. On the last day of the camp they gave out prizes and gifts to everyone. Some got individual prizes and others got group ones. Mr. Masudi had an amazing day planned for us for our last days in America. But, its Dallas and its summer, add those two together and we will get heat. We couldn’t go to the theme park the next day but instead we went to a trampoline park. We learned a lot from the camp in the past week. We thanked all our coaches and said our goodbyes to our other teammates and friends.

On the Sunday we went a women’s NBA game for the first time. It was the Dallas Wings that we were supporting. The effort that these ladies put in when playing ball shows us how much determination they have inside them to win just a game. At the end of the match we lost but the smiles in each of these ladies faces just show how much they still believe in themselves to pick up and keep working hard to be at the top. This day wasn’t just a day to have fun and watch an NBA game. It was also a day to learn how you must be when you lose a game and you still have to have sportsmanship. At the end of the day, we drove back to our hotel and kicked back to play some games and chill before flying home the next day.  

We all thank Mr. Masudi for making it a thrilling and exciting trip. I am hoping to go back next time more skilled and trained ready to ball out."

Braeburn Sports Festival brings home MVP!

A group of our finest athletes journeyed to Nairobi last weekend for the annual Braeburn Sports Festival. The event celebrates the most multi talented athletes in all Braeburn schools across Kenya and Tanzania.

As always, BISA athletes gave their all in every event and put in a stunning athletic performance across the board.

Here is a report from Angel Karegyesa:

On Thursday 27th September 2018, a group of fourteen students- comprising of seven boys and seven girls- set off to Nairobi at roughly 10am, to participate in the annual Braeburn Sports Festival; held at Braeburn Garden Estate from Friday 28 th September to Saturday 29 th September. It was a weekend filled with hard work, teamwork and fun.
There were four teams: Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Serengeti and Tsavo. Our fourteen students were split into the four teams and mixed amongst other students from the various Braeburn Schools across Kenya. This year’s sports included: Athletics, Netball, Gaelic football and CrossFit. With Athletics and Netball being two out of the many sports played in Braeburn Arusha, our students were comfortable. However, they were eager to learn Gaelic football; which ended up being very entertaining and consisted of many rules. The two days of teamwork were concluded with a dreadful CrossFit that consisted of a bunch of squats, burpees and planks, finally coming to an end with a 1 Mile run.

The festival wrapped up with Maasai Mara placing first, Tsavo as the runners up, Amboseli as third, and Serengeti in fourth."

Secondary student, Angel Karegyesa was picked as the most valuable player of the entire event from all schools who competed - a very special congraulations goes to her! 

Well done to Team Arusha!

Our Incredible U13s Footballers!

Over the last two weekend's students from BISA have been competing in the NTAA U13's Football tournament.

Needless to say, they played excellently throughout the tournament. The U13 boys won all 5 matches and conceded just two goals. The girls won 4 games and drew the other. The U13s Girl's team especially has shown tremendous improvement in the last couple of years and rightly felt very proud of their win. 

We are delighted to share that both the Girls and Boys teams were crowned NTAA U13 champions!

Well done, football stars!

Survival Weekend - 14th to 17th September

A report from our first Survival Weekend of the year!

"The point of survival weekend is to survive, this is the more obvious reaction in upon hearing the name. The real purpose of it is learning how to live with other people, being independent and overall team work. As a boarder I am experienced in the field of living with other people and by that I mean, sharing a room. I didn’t realise the real difference up until this weekend. Sharing a room with someone, though it can be difficult, is a small contained space. Someone’s bedroom is like a safe haven to them, so after a few rules people can coincide with no issues at all. But when there almost strangers move into a house together for the weekend, with limited money and a range of experience; that’s survival.  

Before we even began, we sat down to create a menu, formulate plans and discuss what we were going to do in the event of a crisis. It was this preparation that furthered us during the weekend. On the first day four of us went to the market while the other two of us were at play practice dancing and singing for about three hours. After an incredibly long day, we came together to make ourselves a spaghetti dinner and went to bed. The rest of the weekend was filled with laughter and bonding. Rather than inviting a single teacher we invited a total of five to enjoy our meal of barbequed chicken, honey garlic roasted potatoes, plantain, roasted beef stew, guacamole, salad and a side of fresh made chilli. After that we enjoyed a homemade Pineapple tiramisu. What happens when you combine different religions, cultures and personalities under two roofs? An amazing weekend with unforgettable memories, that's what." - Written by Josephine Kiaga

Deep Learning Projects

In Year 7 and 8, we have introduced Deep Learning Projects to encourage independent learning. Last week Year 7s and 8s did a cross curricular project on aliens entitled 'Are We Alone?'. The standard of some of the work was incredible, as you can see from the pictures. 

What are Deep Learning Projects?

  • A Deep Learning Project (or DLP) is a project completed at home where the student will gain more ownership and pride of their work and will learn to be an independent learner.
  • It is primarily research based and should encourage key skills in independence, analysis and evaluation, building upon skills and understanding learnt within class time.
  • They should primarily involve open questions or problem solve or develop their own opinion in order to reach higher order thinking. 
  • Some of these projects will be subject based, set by that department to allow for deeper independent learning within the subject.
  • Other projects will be cross curricular or about the wider world to teach the students the ability to use transferable skills and gain wider general knowledge. 
  • Each project will consist of 5 main tasks which should take around 30 minutes to complete. The five main tasks should be:
  1. A research task: This encourages independent investigation. It allows the students to research through using the library books, internet, documentaries, people around them through interviews and surveys, explore the world around them through photographs, drawings etc. The research is NOT provided for them through worksheets etc.
  2. An analysis task: This task should encourage the students to analyse their research to develop an argument or opinion and draw connections.
  3. A practical task: This should allow the students to apply their knowledge and understanding. It may be a science experiment, drawing, drama piece, creative writing or baking etc.
  4. An evaluation task:  This task should allow the students to synthesise knowledge, producing solutions, conclusions and evaluations, e.g a design for a healthy meal, a song about bullying, etc.
  5. A Presentation task: The students will need to display their work, this which will encourage effective presentation and pride of the work.