BISA Athletes Impress at Kasarani

On the warm Friday morning of 23rd November 2018, a team of twenty-four students from Braeburn International School
Arusha took part in the annual Braeburn Athletics Meet held at the Kasarani Stadium- ‘Home of Heroes’- in Nairobi, Kenya.
With a total of 14 schools taking part, it was a great opportunity for our students to experience an international stadium atmosphere.

Our athletes battled it out and gave it their all in such a tight competition. We are proud to say we returned with six
medals; Joshua- Gold (100m hurdles) and Bronze (100m), Angel- Gold (High Jump), Clinton- Silver (1500m), Tania-
Bronze (800m) and Upendo- Bronze (Long Jump). In addition, there were other remarkable performances with Gabriella, Joshua, Rhennystella and Yuri all respectively making it to the 200m finals in their categories. As well as Sherlyne and Malik, both 100m finalists.

This was a successful last Athletics Meet for the 2018 season. An enormous thank you to all our coaches who trained us during PE lessons as well as after school sessions. Furthermore, thank you to Mr Lake, Mr Masudi, Ms Ngave and our bus driver Mustafa who accompanied us all the way to Nairobi. - Angel Karegyesa


BISA Primary athletes shine at Inter-Schools Athletics at ISMAC

Our Primary athletes came out on top at the Primary Inter-Schools Athletics meet held at ISMAC last Friday, finishing in first place overall!

Competing in multiple events, our students brought home a stack of medals, certificates and even a few record-breaking performances! With many of the young athletes competing for the first time in this type of competition, not to mention competing in the hot November sun that Arusha has been experiencing, they were a credit to BISA both in their athletic performances and in their display of excellent sportsmanship and excellent attitude. We are incredibly proud of our young athletes and can't wait to see what you all accomplish next!

Secondary Inter-Schools Athletics at ISM

On the beautiful sunny Saturday morning of 10th November, Braeburn International School Arusha took part in the annual NTAA Athletics Meet held at ISMAC.

It was a spectacular performance from all the Braeburn students. Each one showing their greatest capability and dominating in their selected events. We left the event with a number of first place medals and certificates. With two athletes really standing out, one being Sherlyne Mawalla who broke the events Long Jump record and the other being Clinton Mutuku breaking two records, first the 1500m then the 800m. As if that wasn’t enough, Clinton earned himself the best male athlete of the meet.

Overall Braeburn came 2nd with only a two-point difference from the winners of the meet, Orkeeswa.


Primary Interhouse Athletics

Wednesday 10th October brought around our annual Interhouse Athletics competition. Braving the heat, our Primary students took to the sports field in the morning to compete in six different track and field events. Taking on javelin, shot put, discus, long jump, and the 400 and 100m track events, they competed in their house teams with their eyes set on the prize! In the end, the overall winners were Kilimanjaro. Well done to all of you for an excellent day of competing!

There are many benefits of competitive sports for children. Competitive sports aren’t just about winning.


The health of our children is incredibly important with growing levels of obesity and the temptation to stay indoors greater than ever. Making sure children have dedicated time where they are active, exercising and enjoying being outdoors is essential to keeping them healthy. By taking part in their weekly PE lessons, children can experience being active. With our specialist coaches they are also engaging in the right kind of exercise for their age group.

Respect for the rules

When playing competitive sports it’s essential that the children understand the rules and play by them. Learning this in a fun environment and understanding that the rules are there to keep the game fair and safe is a valuable lesson that every child can benefit from. It can also be a great influence in school and in life, and respect for rules and learning to play by them can be great for children with behavioural problems too.

Social skills

Friendships are so important in childhood and some find it easier than others. Taking part in primary school sports can be a great way for children to form friendships and build relationships with their peers. In a sports team, everyone has a part to play, and even the quietest, shyest child can get involved and be part of the group. Social skills like listening, being kind and looking after your friends can all be learned by taking part in sports classes. From chatting before a game to getting to know who is good at what, taking part in competitive sports is great for building children’s social skills.

Physical development

Taking part in regular sports activities has been shown to be brilliant for children’s physical development too. Building healthy muscles, engaging in cardiovascular exercise and burning calories are all essential in children’s physical development. By enjoying regular exercise, children can grow stronger and healthier in a fun, safe environment.


Competitive sports can be brilliant for building children’s confidence. From team mates telling them they’ve done a great job to accepting new challenges and accomplishing goals, competitive sports can be a real boost to self esteem. For children who love sports, taking part in sports classes can be a great way to feel a sense of pride in their achievements and grow in confidence.

Learning to lose

No matter how great a child is at sports, at some point they will experience losing, and by taking part in competitive sports classes they can learn to handle this in a safe, supportive environment. Learning to cope with failure is a lesson that can be essential in later life, from missing academic goals, to not getting a job interview. By learning that it’s okay to lose and being gracious and controlling emotions, they can develop their tolerance to stress and develop their character. Children can learn to congratulate the winners and think about how they can improve next time without taking it as a personal failure.


Teamwork is one of the most important skills people look for when hiring new staff and competitive sports is a great example of how an individual works in a team. Though that may be many years away, learning to be part of a team at a young age is the way to start. By recognising the skills of others, supporting their teammates and encouraging each other, competitive sports are great for developing children’s understanding of what it means to be a team. For certain children, becoming captain or leading a team can be a great way to discover their leadership qualities, and learning to manage and organise a team as well as being part of one.

Basketball Diaries - The news from this summer's trip to the Dallas Mavericks Basketball Camp!

During the long July break a group of our students travelled across the Atlantic to the USA to participate in the Dallas Mavericks Basketball Camp.

Here is a recount from one of the students - Jason Mndolwa (Year 11):

"The day before the trip we were more than excited! Every time I closed my eyes, I imagined myself on the court playing ball. I realized it was a dream when I started dunking! But dreams do come true though, right? We were to leave the next day and on our way to Nairobi where we met up with another group of people from Braeburn Garden Estate. We joined up with the other school and travelled together. Our flight was in the evening and we arrived around 12. Basically, we had to wait for about 5 hours till our flight leaves, but we were too excited to even care! The time came to board the plane and without even realizing it we took off. It was a long trip - it took about 22 hours to reach America. We were all exhausted but luckily the camp didn’t start till Monday and we arrived on a Saturday so basically we had time to rest. Everyone was preparing their kits and washing their shoes ready to show off and ball out on Monday. But, as Mr. Masudi always tells us: “It’s not all about the accessories that you wear - it’s all about the game”.

On the first day of the camp we all looked nervous. But after everyone got a hold of the ball, we all felt like we belonged there. The normal routine was: warm up, then we go up to the video room to learn the game after that we go back to the court to play ball till 4pm. This was the rotations for almost the whole week except for Friday where we had a tournament with the teams we were assigned to the first day of camp. Sadly, we lost in the semifinals, but as a team we kept our head up and stayed positive for the whole day. On the last day of the camp they gave out prizes and gifts to everyone. Some got individual prizes and others got group ones. Mr. Masudi had an amazing day planned for us for our last days in America. But, its Dallas and its summer, add those two together and we will get heat. We couldn’t go to the theme park the next day but instead we went to a trampoline park. We learned a lot from the camp in the past week. We thanked all our coaches and said our goodbyes to our other teammates and friends.

On the Sunday we went a women’s NBA game for the first time. It was the Dallas Wings that we were supporting. The effort that these ladies put in when playing ball shows us how much determination they have inside them to win just a game. At the end of the match we lost but the smiles in each of these ladies faces just show how much they still believe in themselves to pick up and keep working hard to be at the top. This day wasn’t just a day to have fun and watch an NBA game. It was also a day to learn how you must be when you lose a game and you still have to have sportsmanship. At the end of the day, we drove back to our hotel and kicked back to play some games and chill before flying home the next day.  

We all thank Mr. Masudi for making it a thrilling and exciting trip. I am hoping to go back next time more skilled and trained ready to ball out."