A Note-Taking Masterclass

5th May 2022

Mr. Walton recently got in touch to say...

"I have been very impressed by many of our student’s notebooks.

Taking good notes shows that you have thought hard about a topic and have summarised it clearly and logically.

Taking good notes also means that you have made yourself a great source from which to revise when tests or exams are approaching.

One student’s notebook stands out and this is Cai Lems. Her maths notebook is like a work of art with lots of colour and lovely diagrams, but more importantly than this is the fact that she has added comments for herself on things to watch out for when solving those problems. These will be so useful when she looks back on these notes for her exams.

Well done Cai and it would be great to see even more students taking such pride in note-taking. Remember that you are not making notes just because you have been asked to do it, you should make the notes as useful as possible for you."


A fantastic example of a reflective, self-motivated, creative and aspirational learner enjoying success!