Dragon Award Bronze Expedition

"The 4th of October finally arrived as we departed for our much awaited camping trip. It took 3 hours to get to Simba Farm in West Kili but it sure was worth it! When we got there we talked about a few rules and played temple. We also got to know are tent buddies and of course had lunch. After lunch we organized our tents, went to watch the sunset before dinner and then roasted marshmallows around the camp fire. Mr. B read a nice story it was scary but we loved it! We went into our tents and had talk time for 5 minutes before lights out.

The second day the year 4s woke up really early, like 4:30 am.   We had a big breakfast consisting of uji ,pancakes, hot chocolate or tea! It was very yummy.  Then it w the start of the team building activities. We had to spin round and round for 10 counts and then try and kick a football to score a goal. It was very funny to watch. This was followed by bobbing for tomatoes and getting a mentos out of a plate of flour. The photos reveal all. Before we knew it, it was time for lunch again. We had to eat our lunch quickly as the grey clouds were getting nearer. Due to rain we had some time in our tent after lunch brainstorming questions for the quiz.  We ended the day with a nice long walk to stretch our legs and an early evening talent show and disco.

We were lucky enough on day 3 to have a nice sunny morning to go on the waterfall hike. I don’t think we have ever swum in such cold water but boy was it fun! Definitely a highlight of the trip! After another scrummy lunch we started the long journey back home. Thanks to Mr. B and his tunes for making the bus trips so enjoyable. We were rather sad to come back but all good things come to an end! A memorable start to our Dragon awards!"

By Sylvie and Amal  (Year 4)

Sergeant Major Wallace takes Year 6 through their paces!

A report from the Year 6 Overnight Camp:

Sergeant Major Wallace took Y6 through their paces, setting up and dismantling tents ably assisted by Quarter Master Frederick  

  • 16.00 hours, the baggage train of mattresses and tents proceeded to the top field to pitch camp.
  • 16.05: Troops assembled for briefing. 
  • 16.08: Roll call.
  • 16.10: The first tents were laid out by the squaddies.
  • 16.12: Poles erected (in order)…black, yellow, black.
  • 16.20: Canvass tensioned (able Nathan commissioned).
  • 16.45: The tents were inspected by the quarter master for any illegal supplies and ordinance. 
  • 17.00: Troops dismissed.

Following dismissal there was time off for R & R in the pool, & officers’ mess (courtesy of Bravo pizzas), night fire, stories & marshmallows. The following morning after the reverse proceedings, the tired troops departed having survived the ordeal and live to tell the tale.

We look forward to further maneuvers at Fish Eagle Point!

Amazing LAMDA Results!

In June this year, 46 BISA students took part in LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) examinations. 22 students presented their speeches in the Public Speaking section with a success rate of 64% distinctions. Speaking of Verse and Prose was the second most popular category and 73% of students scored distinctions. The number of students taking Acting exams is going up every year as the subject increases in popularity at IGCSE and BTEC level; this June 9 students took part in Combined Duologue and Solo exams with a phenomenal success rate of 88% gaining distinctions.

LAMDA exams are accredited and recognised worldwide. Some universities recognise the number of UCAS points gained and from Grade 6 on the points are equivalent to taking an AS level. There is no doubt that taking LAMDA exams expedites university entry and is highly recommended as it also helps to build communication skills. Congratulations go to all our students and the staff that supported them!

We would like to highlight some of the particularly good results that were achieved:

Public Speaking:

Grade 8: Josephine Kiaga 80% Distinction

Grade 6: Safari Mosha 90% Distinction

Grade 6: Marvin Onwukwe 84%

Grade 6: Waitta Teshome 83%

Grade 6: Charis Pulei 83%

Grade 5: Niamh Baker 94%

Speaking of Verse and Prose:

Grade 6: Gabriella Doria 83%

Grade 6: Sasha Pandit 84%

Grade 2: Bianca Shah 88%

Grade 1: Bridget Chilambo 94%

Grade1: Sylvie Mella 92%

Grade 1: Ella Chege 90%


Grade 8: Andrew Ogonji 92%

Grade 8: Wilfred Chambulo 88%

Grade 5: Charis Pulei 96%


LAMDA qualifications take our students places, as this report from West End Stage shows:

This summer, Layla Chege made her West End debut and appeared in London’s West End!

Layla, from Braeburn International School Arusha, made her West End debut this summer as she was accepted to take part in Westend Stage, the UK’s premier theatre summer school for young people aged 8 -21.

Layla was inspired to apply for Westend Stage as she gained her interest in the performing arts from her school BTEC course in Music, Dance and Performing Arts.

Westend Stage gives young people from all over the world the chance to perform at Her Majesty’s Theatre in the heart of the West End, home to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera.

Throughout the week, Layla was joined by other students at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, one of the top drama schools in the UK where the likes of Ewan McGregor, Daniel Craig, and Orlando Bloom all trained.

Layla was put through her paces in Singing, Dance and Drama, as well as receiving specific industry based workshops, led by West End stars, such as Alistair Brammer who appeared in the recent international screening of ‘Miss Saigon’. The students were taken to the hit West End musical, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and afterwards received a very special and private question and answer session with members of the cast; as well as being lead in a master class lead by some of the cast members.

West End Stage said “Layla was an asset to the summer school and graduated West End with a Distinction! West End Stage is very proud of Layla and we can not wait to see where her exciting future takes her.”

Year 1/2 in the kitchen!

Year 1 and 2 are well into their healthy living topic. Our current English unit is looking at recipes and instructions, so what better way to put all we have learned into practice than by cooking! 
The children are very excited to be in the 'kitchen': washing, cutting, peeling, mixing, mashing, baking and, don't forget, tasting!
Cooking with your children is great fun as well as equipping your children with vital life skills. Get them in the kitchen with you!

Exploring Healthy Food with EYK

The children at Early Years Kisongo had a great time last week exploring healthy food through the book 'Oliver's Milkshake'. In the story, Oliver's aunt takes him to a farm to see what is grown there and to buy ingredients for their milkshake.

The children in EYK spent their week investigating how fruit and vegetables grow and how they keep us healthy. They ended the week by making their own milkshakes and making their own 'vegetable people'!

What a fun week for EYK!