Another Magical Music Keys Recital

22nd March 2024

Our talented young musicians from Year 4 to Year 8 took to the stage for another unforgettable matinee of melodies and magic at our Music Keys Recital.

Imagine the late afternoon sun streaming through the windows of the amphitheatre, casting a warm glow on the stage as our students took us on a musical journey that spanned genres and generations!

From heartwarming pop duos performing Pink's 'Just Give Me a Reason' to soul-stirring trios performing Tom Odell's 'Another Love', our young performers captivated the audience of proud parents with their passion and growing skills.

The stage was filled with vibrant energy as our duos and trios showcased the beauty of working together in perfect harmony. Each note touched our hearts, highlighting the incredible bond music creates.


And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, we wrapped up the afternoon with a grand finale: an orchestral masterpiece titled 'Lord of the Skies'. The stage was alive with energy as our ensemble brought this epic composition to life, leaving the audience in awe of their talent and dedication.

From the infectious rhythms to the soul-stirring melodies, Music Keys recital was a true celebration of music in all its forms. We couldn't be prouder of our students for their hard work and dedication, and we can't wait to see where their musical journey takes them next.

Until next time, keep the music playing!

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