The Art of Being Bored

8th December 2019

(Getty images.)

I am not sure about any of you, but when I was growing up, the worst thing any of us could say in our house was, "Ma, I am bored!" We would be lambasted and sternly told that only dull people are bored and most times, chased out of the house to go and make a bird list or catch the grasshoppers eating my mother's vegetables (and paid per grasshopper in a jar.) 

Times have changed since the 60's. We have screens and internet. Most young people are glued to screens and don't have time to be bored. But here's the thing -  scientists and psychologists are now discovering the benefits of being bored! Believe it or not, being bored makes you more goal orientated, more creative, makes you realise something is missing; it could help you be more productive and kinder and is, apparently, essential for our happiness. We don't spend enough time staring out the window day dreaming and verging on being bored.

Enjoy this article and show it to the children when they whine about being bored!