The Benefit of Books!

8th December 2019

And so the holidays loom! And how excited we all are. They are a time to kick back, relax, do some navel gazing and replenish ourselves before the next term begins. Of course, for our A Level and IGCSE students, these holidays are taken up with revision and preparation for the upcoming mock examinations. But for the rest of us, we can take those breaks.

Some parents, who work, become a little antsy and feel obliged to ensure their children are entertained and kept busy, out of traffic so to speak. 

Well. Here is your chance to get your children reading. If they are still too little, cosy up on the couch and read bed time stories and light up those imaginations.  Reading has proven to be the best brain food ever. We wrote about this earlier on in the year and reiterate it once more. 

“Books — like dogs — are among a handful of things on this planet that just want to be loved. And they will love you back, generously and selflessly, requiring very little in return.”  - Debbie Millman

 Here is a great read on the giving nature of books.

We wish you and your families a restful break and to be blessed by the world of books! See a list of all the best books for children and teens: