28th January 2020

“A global citizen is someone who is aware of and understands the wider world - and their place in it. ... For Oxfam, global citizenship is all about encouraging young people to develop the knowledge, skills and values they need to engage with the world. And it's about the belief that we can all make a difference. Considering this definition of a global citizen, we know that we at BISA are very actively global citizens. We are part of a bigger world and we all have important roles to play in the shaping and the making of our world into a better place for all.

We at BISA are very aware of the fact that we are from all over the world. BISA is diverse in its student and teacher body. Apart from this, our students are very conscious of world issues ranging from global warming, cultures, oppression, racism, world sports events and historic events which shape our world.

Each week we will share views of what it means to be a global citizen by some of our BISA students.


My definition of being a global citizen is being a person who has the ability to look at things from a broad and open-minded perspective. Furthermore, a global citizen portrays characteristics like the ability to live in certain communities and not only be culturally aware of their surroundings but also be aware of a variety of issues which might affect these communities. A global citizen is flexible and open to change. A global citizen is aware of societies existing in a bigger world, in changing environments and more. To conclude, in my opinion a global citizen possesses characteristics such as open-mindedness and they are definitely not oblivious.



The definition of a global citizen is being aware of what is going on around the world, for example in politics, environment and in the entertainment industry. Being a global citizen also means that you are aware and involved in what is going on in your own country, trying to make things better. You should know the historical facts of your country.