17th March 2023

On the afternoon of March 14th, 2023, BISA's boys' basketball team emerged victorious against Arusha Meru with a score of 53-15. The game was held at BISA indoor courts and drew a large crowd of excited supporters from both sides.

BISA School dominated the game from the start, with Mbatian Sikar and Oswa leading the charge on the court. Mohamed Ally and Ethan Lupemeb added to the duo with great shooting and attacking skills and some silky moves. Isaac Pendason and Isaac Kombe were unstoppable on the fast break. This game also saw the great debut of Pedro Odhiambo - our youngest player in this category who scored the buzzer-beater of the game. Their excellent teamwork, sharp shooting, and the solid defense allowed them to quickly gain a substantial lead over their opponents. Arusha Meru struggled to keep up with BISA's pace, and despite their best efforts, they were unable to close the gap.


BISA's victory was a result of their exceptional preparation and dedication to the sport. The team had spent countless hours practicing their skills and strategies, and it showed in their flawless execution during the game.

Dickson Masudi

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