Customer Service At It's Finest

2nd October 2020

The Hospitality students got a 5 Star experience of excellent customer service at The Gran Melia Hotel! They were impressed by the professionalism and politeness of the staff. The Gran Melia staff greeted everyone warmly and respectfully.

The meeting was held in the impressive conference room, which left some students feeling a bit intimidated. Thankfully, the staff were able to help put them at ease and feel comfortable.

The students were shocked to learn that customers steal bedroom things, such as lightbulbs and landline phones!!

They were posed with the question, 'how would we talk to these customers?'

Some highlights of the outing were seeing a famous musician from Dar es Salaam, and the snacks served at the end!

Our Year 13 students were able to see how customer service is important in hospitality and how they should conduct themselves in this industry.

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