Early Years Fire Department

7th June 2021

Meet the Early Years Fire Department!!

Where can you find police officers, veterinarians, office workers, princesses, karate instructors, and chefs all happily working side-by-side?

In an Early Years class of course!

Imaginative play, or make-believe, occurs when a child role-plays experiences of interest or reenacts their real life experiences. Children often use pretend play to work out more personal challenging life events and to make sense of the world around them.

The children in Fs1 have been role-playing being fire fighters as they sing along to the song ‘Hurry! hurry! Drive the fire truck.’ It is a great way for them to exercise their imagination and to play together as a group as they build on fundamental skills that are the building blocks for successful learning.

There is no set age to introduce imaginative play into a child’s world.

Fire truck pic 3.jpg
Fire truck pic 5.jpg
Fire truck pic 2.jpg