Exploring Healthy Eating with 'Handa's Surprise': Year 1/2 T's Delicious Adventure

22nd September 2023

Year 1/2T at infants school had an exciting journey into the world of healthy eating, and it all started with the captivating story of "Handa's Surprise." We discovered that connecting literature with real-life topics like nutrition isn't just educational—it's a whole lot of fun! The kids and I gathered around to ponder a big question: Why should we munch on fruit? They chimed in with so many fantastic ideas, and together, we realised that fruits are like Mother Nature's very own multivitamins. Packed with goodies like vitamin C to keep us strong and help us heal and vitamin A to keep those eyes sparkling.

Now, here's where it got really interesting. We wondered: How can we savour all these fantastic fruits at once? The answer was simple: let's whip up a delicious fruit salad! The classroom turned into a mini kitchen, and those little chefs were unstoppable. It wasn't just about mixing fruits; it was about mixing learning, fun, and a whole lot of yumminess.

Tania Travas

Healthy eating-01.jpg
Healthy eating-01.jpg
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