KS2 Students Become Guardians of the Planet at Arusha Giraffe Centre!

6th June 2024

As part of our exciting "Guardians of the Planet" themed days, our KS2 students went on a magical adventure to the Arusha Giraffe Centre, Tanzania's first Regeneration Centre for these gentle giants. A huge thank you to Nicholas and Nathalie for their warm welcome and for giving our young conservationists a chance to learn about the threats giraffes face.

IMG_20240528_133559 (1).jpg

The Arusha Giraffe Centre isn't just about seeing these amazing creatures up close. It's about understanding the delicate balance of nature and the silent extinction silently impacting giraffe populations. Our students had the unforgettable experience of walking amongst the semi-wild giraffes, observing their grace and learning about the importance of protecting their habitat.

20240528_101703 (1).jpg
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The experience wasn't just about giraffe encounters. The centre shed light on the concerning issue of "silent extinction" faced by these gentle giants. Giraffe populations have declined by a staggering 50% in recent decades due to habitat loss and poaching. Learning about this threat firsthand certainly sparked a sense of environmental responsibility within our young guardians.


By witnessing the giraffes thriving in a regenerated environment, the students gained valuable insight into the power of conservation efforts. The Arusha Giraffe Centre's dedication to reintroducing giraffes and promoting sustainable farming practices serves as an inspiring model for future generations.


We are confident that this trip to the Arusha Giraffe Centre has sparked a passion for wildlife conservation in our KS2 students. They are now more equipped to become responsible global citizens and true Guardians of the Planet!

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