Maths in Secondary

23rd March 2021

Mathematics has always been a subject of the extreme. The word ‘mathematics’ gives terror to most students, whereas there is a small percentage who love it to the core. Mathematics day is an international celebration. Every 14th of march we celebrate the existence of the subject Math. This tradition first started on 14th March 2007 as an online math competition. Students and math lovers from all over the world participate in this competition to win. The top ten rank holders of this competition are awarded gold medals and certificates. Math Day is celebrated to encourage more practice of maths among the students. This year as BISA we celebrated this day in style by having an Inter-House Math competition where the houses were split into teams. We had six rounds of fun math quiz that required logic. At the end of the day, Meru carried the day with a total of 354 points. Well done to our Mathematics champions.