Roots and Shoots - Seedling Project

28th March 2024

This term in our Roots and Shoots club, we aimed at learning and actively engaging in the exploration and discovery of our environment. With a strong focus on water preservation and sustainability at our school, we recognised an opportunity to create an impact by launching our own seedling project. Through this, students gained valuable hands-on experience in nurturing seeds, caring for seedlings, and experimenting on growing trees that thrive in drought conditions.


To put that in action students learned to prepare suitable soil for our seedlings. We experimented with different soil types, exploring which ones best support seed growth.

We conducted research on the required equipment for our project. From seed trays to watering cans, we made informed choices to facilitate successful seedling growth.


Selecting the right spot for our seedlings was crucial. We considered factors such as sunlight exposure, protection from extreme weather, and accessibility. We had to find a suitable place where our seedlings could thrive and we decided to locate our project in an area behind the Business block in Secondary.


In our club, we value fun learning and teamwork and Roots and Shoots provides a welcoming environment for students to explore and care for their surroundings. Together, we are nurturing not only seedlings but also a sense of responsibility toward caring for our environment.

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