The Democratic Process in Secondary

13th January 2022

At BISA we encourage and support our students in becoming leaders within the student body. Our annual election of our prefect body is a testament to how our students embrace this process!


Let's hear from our students about what they thought of the process!


Nervous. Scared. Tense. These are what we felt when delivering our speeches. However, we were soon put at ease by the most enthusiastic and encouraging audience. This made us confident and put us at ease to deliver our speeches. Every single one of us experiences that one moment which you know you will never be able to feel ever again. That is exactly how I would describe my experience during the campaign. Everything about the moment was positive and radiated such good energy that you felt as though you were living a dream. It was as though thousand bright lights were shining on you and that was your ‘do or die’ moment. - Mihika Malhotra, Deputy Head Girl


This was the climax! This was a free and fair process, whereby students, teachers and other staff members had to cast votes for their favourite candidates.


The newly elected prefect body had the privilege of attending our inaugural prefect training at the Tembo hotel accompanied by Mr Magambo, Mr Ben, Ms Wini and Ms Rogers. We were engaged in activities that focused on team work, communication, trust and strategic planning. Some of the skills we explored included listening, patience, trust, problem solving and prioritisation of a common goal. We concluded the afternoon with positive strokes which was quite exciting to see what other people thought about our strengths. This set the perfect tone for the beginning our prefect year. I can proudly say that we are all very excited to take up our new responsibilities and lead our school with pride. - Angel Mosha, Head Girl


Our New Prefect Body

Head Girl- Angel Mosha

Head Boy - Ethan Lupembe

Student Council President - David Mushobozi

Deputy Head Girl & Media Prefect- Mihika Malhorta

Deputy Head Boy- Shubh Mehta

Deputy Student Council President- Tiffany Shumbusho


Media - Luana Nsengiyumva, Tegest Berhanu

Emotional - Jacqueline Chack, Dannicamaria Zhangyongyi, Catherine Ignas

Transitional - Jacqueline Chack, Karen Mbadinga, Andra Kadzirange, Jonalisa Kubelabo, Shreya Sachdev

Academic - Narindwa Matikanya

Environmental - Victoria Letaru, Precious Milambo

Music - Kelvin Shirima

Boarding - Ibrahim Pendason, Hillu Irafay

Community Service - Carren Olambo, Natalie Nuwamanya

Sports Prefects - Brandon Kweka, Rhennystella Wankya

House Captains

Kilimanjaro House Captains- Brandon Kweka, Rhennystella Wankya

Meru House Captains - Naheel Jaku, Cornelia Bulengo

Mawenzi House Captains - Serin Kitery, Jonalisa Kubelabo

Lengai House Captains - Daisy Stobbart, Shreya Sachdev

Congratulations to you all!