The Greatest Showman Reimagined

5th February 2021

IMG_6149 (1).JPG

'The Greatest Showman Reimagined' got off to a spectacular start. The singing was powerful; the dancing electric; the circus acts awe-inspiring and the trapeze artists magical. Braeburn's performing arts department, somehow manage to take their plays to another level, when each year, we think that it's impossible that the next show could get any better!  

It is partly inspired by the film on PT Barnham, the amazing showman who saw potential in everyone and partly inspired by a film that looks at disability called 'The Butterfly Circus'. Through exploring disability our students have learnt some sign language and have seen first hand the limitations and challenges wheel-chair users have to face. The final inspiration is a young man called Mabaga, a welder from Bagamoyo who has joined us at school to see and help with the performance. We based one of our main characters on him and his story,. Last year he was unfortunately knocked off his motorbike and lost his leg. We hope that working together we will be able to raise some money to help him buy a prosthetic limb. If you are unable to see the show but still want to donate please either send money to our accounts department or make a pledge on the downloadable sheet that is shared below.