The Value of School Trips in Early Years

9th February 2024

village supermarket trip
village supermarket trip
village supermarket trip

Exploring Beyond the Classroom.

School trips are essential for young students, offering hands-on learning experiences that promote curiosity, social skills, and real-world connections. Visiting museums, zoos, farms, markets, villages, and gardens allows children to interact with their surroundings in concrete ways, enhancing their grasp of abstract concepts. These excursions spark curiosity and inspire lifelong exploration and discovery. By connecting classroom learning with the real world, school trips reinforce academic concepts and encourage cultural awareness.

Maasai Boma 2.jpg

This week, our Early Years students went on educational outings to reinforce their learning across different subjects. The Creche and FS1 children visited the Village supermarket to learn about where fruits and vegetables come from, linking with their current themes of "Handa's Surprise" and "Plants." Meanwhile, the FS2 students explored houses and homes by observing a Maasai boma, broadening their understanding of diverse living environments.

Look at these happy little learners!

Article by Fiona Kombe

village supermarket trip
Maasai Boma 1.jpg
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