UK Talent Train

25th February 2021

Welcoming 7-20 year olds to prepare a 2 minute audition on Wednesday 10th March from 2pm - 5pm for those who want to be considered for a prize in a local talent show run by an organisation called UK Talent Train. This organisation helps to identify and train potential talent. 

 If their act is selected for the quarter finals (the next round)  you or your group will be competing against other students from other schools. If they get through to the finals and win - there are cash prizes and the chance to receive further training and support from this talent agency. 


  1. Musicians can enter individually or in groups of up to 4. 
  2. Dancers, Actors, circus skills etc can enter individually or in groups up to 8. 
  3. Plan to showcase an extract of 2 mins
  4. Make sure your backing track or music is the 'clean version' 
  5. Pick up forms from Maria in the front office - fill them in and return to Ms Rogers - so that you can be given your audition slot on Wednesday 10th March. Deadline for handing your form in - Monday 8th March

If you want to find out more - please investigate

More information can be seen below: 

UK Talent Train Promotions Limited (UK TT) is a London based events/talent search company founded in 2008 by Mr Michael Mantock who is the Managing Director and a former student of the Guy’s Hill High School in Jamaica, managed by Nubian Gordon Anderson and Akwasi Nkrumah. The UK TT provides a talent search service, talent management, entertainment events and competitions which are original in creativity, involving performing arts. In addition, UK TT offers a PA system hire.

UK TT was established to engage mainly with the youth in communities across the major UK cities to provide an outlet for creativity and community building; motivate and inspire young people to develop their Arts talent; encourage positive attitudes amongst youth to enable them to realise their dreams, goals and aspirations through positive thinking, combination of hard work, dedication and commitment.

UK TT adopts the motto: ‘GET BEHIND YOUR TALENT AND SHINE’. Whilst UK TT largely works with young people of 18 - 34 years it is also open to everyone to showcase their performing arts talent in a welcoming environment. With a combined workforce of 30 plus years’ industry experience, UK TT affords its clients the most broadly creative experience and comprehensive solutions to their pressing Arts talent needs and are compelled about helping budding stars of the future to get the essential stepping stone / entry into the entertainment and music world.