Year 11 Geography Field Trip

12th November 2020

At Braeburn International School Arusha we are working hard to give our students hands on learning experiences in our fantastic local environment. This term, Year 11 geographers spent a day studying the Themi River north of Arusha. Our aim was to study the changes that happen along a river as you move downstream from its source. We started our fieldwork at the excellent Themi Falls Resort and Falls. After some deliberation in the rain, students quickly got to work measuring river depth, width, channel gradient and velocity of the water. The river is very clean at this point, so much fun was had crossing the river and standing in it. A few students got quite damp, although to their disappointment, Mr. Little avoided falling in.

After a very nice lunch of pizza and soda, we travelled back down the mountain to Themi Gardens, further downstream in the City. There we were welcomed by the artists at this environmental charity and we had the chance to make the same measurements of the river so we could compare data from the two sites back in the classroom.

The day was a great success and we will be repeating with Year 10 who must conduct fieldwork as a compulsory part of their exam. We also have plans to take Year 9 to the area to study cropping, deforestation and soil erosion. Watch this space!