FS1 are getting ready for longer days!

Our FS1 children have made an exciting new step in their journey this week as they stayed for a full day for the first time. They are getting ready for the longer school days when they move up to FS2 in September and they all did a great job coping with the extra hours in school as well as experiencing lunchtime.

The FS1 children at the Infant School had fun making fruity 'Gruffalo Tusks' for their afternoon activity, following on from learning about the children's author Julia Donaldson. Meanwhile our FS1 children at our Kisongo Campus had a wonderful time making chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. They were also super excited to go to the main lunch hall to have their lunch with the older students!

Well done to all of you - you are growing up fast!

EYFS Sports Morning

Our annual EYFS Sports Morning took place on Friday 7th June at the Infant School.

The children had a fantastic time competing and showing off some of the physical skills they have been learning over this year in PE with Mr O!

Gross motor skills are a key element of the EYFS Physical Development curriculum and it is amazing to watch how much the children have grown in their physical skills and ability over the year.

Many parents came to cheer on the children and get involved competing as well - thank you for being such good sports!

BISA partner, 'Carbon Tanzania', wins global prize!

"It is with great excitement that we announce that the Hadza of the Yaeda Valley have won the 2019 Equator Prize. The prize is awarded to indigenous groups by the UNDP Equator Initiative for innovative work in developing nature based solutions to climate change and promoting sustainable development. The Hadza have been recognized for their Yaeda Valley Project, a forest conservation initiative."
What exciting news?!! As a school who supports Carbon Tanzania and who have first hand experience of the way of life of the Hadza community, through their Silver Dragon expedition, we are delighted to congratulate them on their success as an Equator Initiative winning community. Click on the links below for more information. 

International Award Gold Expedition

From Saturday 25th May to Tuesday 28th May 2019 our International Award Gold Students took on their expedition trek in the Babati area, South East of Arusha. Here is Mr Asher Sijenyi with all they got up to:

"The group left Kisongo Campus around 8.15am on the Saturday and managed to get to Babati by 10am. We headed straight to the first assignment – a trek to Riroda area of Babati. The next day we trekked to Gallapo, managing to cover 22 km. This was the toughest section of the expedition. On Monday, our journey took us to Kiru valley – the agricultural basket of the region. We managed to cover 25km. Last but not least was Tuesday's assignment - the breath-taking 'Kisima cha mungu'. This is a deep crater which once filled with water and fish but later on dried up leaving a gaping crater. It was fun going down the crater but, trust me, one of the most difficult climbs we had in the whole journey. To use one of the climber’s words after being cajoled to descend – Alfred had this to say: Today I have witnessed one of the most daring trickery played on me by my team mates."

Congratulations to you all on a fantastic expedition!